Fudan University


Degree Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree
City: Shanghai
Starting Date: Sep.2016
Application Deadline: May.30 2016
Duration of Study: 6 years
Teaching Language: English
Tuition: RMB 75,000 per year
Application Fee: 1000 USD (Non-Refundable)
Living Cost: 800-1,000 RMB/Month


Tuition Fee: RMB 75,000 / year (approx. INR – Rs. 6,00,000/-)
Accommodation Fee: 55~60 RMB/day (Double Room), 80~90 RMB/day (Single Room) (approx. INR – Rs. 24,000/-)
Cost of Living: 800~1000 RMB/month (approx. INR – Rs. 8,000/-)
In Total: 86,070~88,890 RMB/year
(approx. INR – Rs. 6,88,560/- to Rs. 7,11,120/-)

Entry Requirements:

1. 18-30 year’s old, high school graduate or above, qualified for university entrance, medically-healthy foreigners (applicants with color weakness and color blindness are not eligible to apply)
2. With an average score of 60% and above in Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Application Materials:

1. Application Form with the applicant’s signature
2. Finished self-test exam papers
3. Diploma of final education or Graduating Certificate (graduating applicants) (original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
4. Transcripts of final education (original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
5. Photocopy of valid passport.
6. Applicants may send additional documents which can prove their comprehensive ability along with the required documents, for example, award in certificate, extra curricular activity certificates and so on. Additional application documents may be required when necessary.

Note: An interview will be scheduled. The applicants will be informed about the exact date and time of the interview. Applicants in Mumbai will have a face-to-face interview while other applicants will take the interview via Skype.

Qualified students will be selected on the basis of interview and application documents.

Application documents will not be returned.

Email Address for MBBS Application: info@chinambbsabroad.com


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